Terms of guarantee


Warranty conditions of Ringler GmbH

The warranty stipulated here is an additional voluntary  service of Ringler GmbH (hereinafter: Ringler). Ringler traditionally has high standards for the quality of its products. If your Ringler product is defective, the following warranty conditions shall apply and stipulate your rights towards Ringler in case of defects of material and manufacture of your Ringler product. Find information on the scope, duration and assertion of your warranty here.


The warranty will not affect your statutory warranty rights towards the product's vendor. If your product is defective, you may therefore contact the vendor of your product without limitation as well, no matter if there is a warranty case or whether this warranty is used or not.


I.              Content and scope of the warranty


Any defects of material and manufacture that arise within the warranty period will be remedied by us free of charge, either by repair or replacement of the parts rendered useless. Ownership of replaced parts shall pass to Ringler. Further claims are excluded. In particular, no devices shall be loaned out for the time of repairs during the warranty period and no costs for such will be covered. Maintenance and servicing work shall not be covered by the warranty.


II.            Start and duration of the warranty


The warranty period is 12 months. It shall commence with the first purchase from Ringler or an authorised dealer of Ringler. The warranty period shall not recommence when the device is sold again by the customer. Work performed within the scope of the warranty, in particular replacement of parts, shall not recommence the warranty period. Unfortunately, we cannot grant any warranty for devices produced more than three years before the purchase.


III.           Warranty extension


Ringler offers an optional warranty extension if you conclude a Ringler service agreement. Your warranty will extend by another 12 months to a total of 24 months if you conclude a service agreement.


IV.           Assertion of warranty


You can assert your warranty claim against Ringler with submission of the evidence of purchase evidence. You can contact Ringler via our service hotline under 07171 / 94 888 0 or by email to support@ringler.kaercher.de.


If your Ringler product can be shipped as a parcel, pack it in a box. Please enclose a brief description of the fault and a copy of the purchasing evidence to enable us to review whether a warranty or goodwill service is possible. Address the parcel as follows:


Ringler GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Straße 4 - 8

D-73550 Waldstetten


Ringler products that cannot be mailed will be inspected at the product site by a Ringler service employee.


V.              Limitation of warranty


The warranty shall not cover any parts that have become useless due to improper operation or repair, deficient maintenance or regular wear (wear parts). See your operating manual for more detailed explanations. The operating manual is part of these warranty conditions. The prerequisite for a warranty service is therefore that you precisely observe any notes in it concerning the operation, maintenance and repair. Another prerequisite is that you only use genuine spare parts and accessories from Ringler. All maintenance work and repairs must have been performed by Ringler or an authorised dealer of. Damage due to external effects, such as third-party damage or damage from forces of nature, is also excluded from the warranty.