Ringler GmbH

Ringler GmbH

For 50 years, Ringler has been a well-known manufacturer of high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners and extraction devices (located in Waldstetten/ Swabia). The state-certified vacation resort is located in the region of East-Württemberg, about 50 km away from Stuttgart, in the middle of the Dreikaiserberge. This is where we produce almost our entire product range. The range goes from mobile small industrial vacuum cleaners, to stationary extraction systems with pipe construction, to dust extractor plants with individually designed collecting units. Our products are characterized by highest quality, long service lives, technical sophistication as well as robust construction.

Ringler extraction systems make an important contribution to keeping production facilities clean, maintaining secure workplaces, preventing air pollution and protecting the environment.

Our innovation is reflected in a high number of patents.
Ringler GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straße 4-8
D-73550 Waldstetten

PO Box 40
D-73548 Waldstetten

Tel: 07171 94888-0
Fax: 07171 94888-528
E-Mail: info@ringler.kaercher.com