A success story



Brand and colour change
With effect from 01.01.2020 Ringler is changing the brand and colour of its industrial vacuum cleaners. In future, the entire product portfolio will be sold with the brand name Kärcher and, if no specific customer color is desired, the new standard color is anthracite. With this initiative, Kärcher is strengthening the uniform appearance of all the Group's products and its strategic focus on the customer.



50th anniversary
The company Ringler celebrates the 50th anniversary. With constant innovation, the company has become the market leader for industrial vacuums in Germany and Europe.



New administration building
Because of the expansion of international sales activities, it was necessary to increase the administration. Therefore an office building was taken with training rooms (Ringler Academy) in operation. There is also a Showroom for products there.



New hall paint shop
With the growth and the strong demand for customer-oriented colorway a new painting unit was completed with two painting booths and put into operation. This paint corresponds to the newest knowledge about the environment and employee needs. Because of such an investment, a significant reduction of production time is guaranteed.

01.10.2013 Change from Ringler Apparatebau GmbH to Ringler GmbH



New hall steel construction
Due to the positive development, it was a consistent step to keep upright the production depth. For this reason an additional plot was purchased next to the first building, where a production hall for structural steel and raw material was put into operation.



Assumption by Alfred Kärcher
On September 1st, 2010, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co.KG took over our company, Ringler GmbH



Certification of the whole company in accordance with ISO 9001 : VDA 6.4



Third construction phase
Construction of a new assembly hall, higher capacity in the assembly/shipment departments and test station of an extra 600 m².
Company now has a total of approx. 2200 m² assembly, production and office space



Exclusive manufacturer of extraction units for the metal working industry Expansion of the production and warehouse capacities by a further 600 m²; the office space was also expanded by a further 200 m²



Construction of the 1st production hall and warehouse building 750 m² plus extra office space Exclusive manufacturer of extraction units for the metalworking industry



Product development of the classic chip extraction unit RI 300, which combined the following advantages: Rapid cleaning, construction was ideal for industrial use, separation of chips and emulsion, return of the cooling emulsion to the machine and dumping of the chips. This invention, which set a milestone at the time, was a sales hit throughout Germany.
Today, the industrial extraction unit RI 300 is still a classic among the industrial extraction units and is still highly popular. The steel construction has remained and is distinguished by its sturdiness and perfect handling properties.
Soon the company was receiving enquiries for other suctioning solutions, and so, over time, the product range was broadened. The constructions were completely developed at the Ringler company and many patents and utility models were registered.



The company was founded in Waldstetten by Mr. Bernhard Ringler. The basic idea was the answer to the question: How can tool machines be cleaned up quickly from chips and emulsions? The previous practice of sweeping the chips with a broom had the disadvantage that the emulsion was not caught and the cleaning process was very time intensive.


7. July 1967

Mr. Bernhard Ringler is self-employed with a contract manufacturing company for welding and turning parts in rented premises