New Ringler vacuum cleaner for flammable dusts

Dear Business Partner,

From now on the new industrial vacuum cleaner RI 40 / RI 50, vacuuming of flammable dusts is available.

Benefit from the advantages:

- Suitable for vacuuming flammable dusts
- Operational safety by constant differential pressure monitoring
- Quiet thanks to high-quality sound absorption
- Low costs due to energy efficient motors
- TÜV tested
- Durable through robust construction
- Available in alternating current and 3-phase current

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IE 2 motors

Due to the EU Regulation no. 640/2009 for the design of electric motors in electric motors with the minimum class IE 2 may be put into circulation as of 01/01/2015. This is driven efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 2020 by 20% (Kyoto Protocol). This also benefits the user, because higher energy efficiency not only causes less emissions, but also lower operating costs.

Also we use now for our devices IE 2 motors!

Ringler builds RE 502 large-scale extraction unit for metalworking company

Ringler GmbH in Waldstetten has constructed a new RE 502 large-scale extraction unit 5.5 metres tall. Commissioned by a bandsaw machine manufacturer, the new extraction unit has a powerful turbine that can extract up to 6,000 m³ of air per hour, more than twice the volume of our Kärcher Museum in Winnenden. Moreover, the unit was produced in a remarkably short time – just five months from offer to delivery of the largest unit built by Ringler.

During the process of sawing heavyweight aluminium blocks, by continuously extracting the swarf the new unit ensures constantly high quality of the sawn sections. This is especially important because tolerances for such sawcuts are very tight. The unit also has fully electronic controls, so the filter can be cleaned and the extracted swarf disposed of while the machine is in operation.